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Languages: Java (SE, ME, EE), SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, HTML, XML, C#, C, C++, .NET

Tools: Unix (Solaris), Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Glassfish/iPlanet/Sun ONE Application and Web Servers, Tomcat Servlet Engine, Apache Web Server, Oracle 7-10g Database, Eclipse, Netbeans, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, CVS, Subversion

Other: Proven management, communications, leadership, and mentoring skills. Experience with: agile/iterative and waterfall development processes, managing offshore projects, object-oriented design, dynamic web application design, database schema design, J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, RMI, EJB), Web Services (SOAP), Java APIs for XML, technical training.

10/06 - pres. Program Manager - Web Technologies
Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA

I drove the creation of a new signing portal for the Java Verified Program. The program was a consortium of major mobile device manufacturers and mobile network operators. I worked with the various program member companies to document requirements, create an RFP for web development vendors, and evaluated responses in order to award the contract. In addition, I managed the integration of the new signing portal with an external certificate authority signing engine for mobile applications.

I also worked on taking the Java DocWeb prototype written by James Gosling and converting it to a production community application. My duties included requirements definition, business case analysis, and managing a team of three engineers in China for implementation.

When Sun open sourced its Java mobile software (J2ME) in October, 2006, I coordinated the launch of the Mobile & Embedded community website. Simultaneous to the community website launch, I also drove the launch of websites for several of the Sun sponsored projects in the community, including ME Application Developers, Phone ME, and CQME.

01/04 - 10/06 Senior Development Manager - Web Systems
Capital One, Greenpoint Mortgage Division, Novato, CA

As manager of the Web Systems group, I oversaw the development and maintenance of numerous dynamic web applications and static websites. The group I managed fluctuated between eight and twelve employees depending on the current workload. We developed applications that used both J2EE and .NET technologies. Most applications connected to an Oracle environment with high volumes of data and transactions.

My duties included:

  • Taking responsibility for project quality and timeliness.
  • Estimating effort for projects that range in duration from a few weeks to several months.
  • Interviewing, hiring, promoting, and making all other personnel decisions.
  • Advising company executives on key enterprise technology decisions.
  • Engaging vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing outsourced projects.
  • Preparing and tracking the group's annual budget.
  • When necessary, using my prior experience as a Technical Lead and Software Engineer to play a hands on role during the design and architecture phases of projects.

The projects I manage include:

  • A dynamic web application that allows mortgage brokers direct access to Greenpoint's loan origination system to lock a rate on loans and set broker fees.
  • A paperless mortgage initiative that allows branches to process a loan by viewing loan documents via the FileNET imaging system rather than using a paper file.
  • The migration of the Greenpoint Marketing website to a content management tool that allows our marketing team to publish directly to the website.

01/03 - 11/03 Technical Lead
Dorado, San Jose, CA

As a technical lead for Dorado Corporation, I lead a team of six engineers in developing custom, multi-tiered Internet software systems for various customers in the Mortgage Banking Industry.

During the Design Phase, my duties include helping customers gather requirements, identifying the appropriate hardware stack, recommending third party software products, designing all components of the J2EE applications, and designing the complementary database schema.

During the Implementation Phase, my duties include assigning coding modules to appropriate team members and overseeing their progress for about fifty percent of the time. I spend the other fifty percent of my time coding the remaining portions of the project.

During the Quality Assurance and Production Push phases, my duties include reviewing the software test plan, explaining requirements to the QA team, assigning bugs to team members, and eventually working the Operations Team to push the application into the production environment.

6/97 - 01/03 Senior Software Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Javasoft Division, Cupertino, CA
(First as direct contractor; then for WaterWare, a Sun Sub-contractor.)

Most recently, I led and participated in several engineering projects using J2EE technologies featured as production and reference applications on the various Sun Microsystems developer web sites. I also contributed to various publications that ship with Sun Microsystems products, including the iPlanet Application Server 6.0 Getting Started Guide and the Sun One Application Server 7.0 Performance and Tuning Guide.

Previously, I wrote numerous applications for the Javasoft web site ( My duties included building major portions of the dynamic JavaOne web site using Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and Oracle. I also converted several manual processes into dynamic extranet database applications. These applications track user groups, success stories, trademark notices, and group tasks for Javasoft. Besides coding, my responsibilities included interfacing with customers, giving demonstrations at trade shows, defining application requirements, and acting as a project manager and technical lead.

Additionally, I was commissioned to write several technical articles showcasing the benefits of server and client side Java applications. These articles have been featured on the Javasoft web site.

1995 - 1997 Software Engineer
IBM Global Services, San Jose, CA

Served as technical lead and developer for a web based news facility named INEWS. I worked with four other developers to design, code ( C/C++, Java), test, and support this CGI application. INEWS contains about 15,000 lines of code and allows users to send news articles via email, fax articles, give feedback, and perform various searches.

My duties also included refining requirements, handling customer concerns, proposing application enhancements, and keeping abreast of new technologies that may be useful to any applications developed by my organization. I became my organization?s focal point for Java Technology and helped several groups identify opportunities to use Java?s portability to provide quicker, more efficient, and less expensive technology solutions.

1994 - 1995 Consultant / Programmer
CSC Consulting, San Bruno, CA

For Hewlett-Packard, designed and coded an object oriented UNIX messaging daemon to interface an HP mainframe with a Lotus Notes server.

For AAA Auto Club, designed, coded, and unit tested a large portion of the on-line membership system handling three million members. Contributed to all portions of the project by also working with users, technical writers, and software testers.

  California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science